About Us


a1estate, is INDIA’s NO.1 NEW REAL ESTATE PORTAL. We are based at the devine temple city of India i.e TIRUPATHI, CHITTOR (Dt.), ANDHRA PRADESH. We are pioneers in online real estate advertisement services catering to Indians all over the world.

a1estate.in is a platform for Builders, Real Estate Agents, Sellers and Landlords to collectively advertise their listings on the Internet. It also serves as a resource base and medium for prospective buyers across the globe who wish to search for land/property/housing in Kerala and avail of allied services.

a1estate.in offers its users an elaborate and easy search facility that allows them to locate their property by region, area, price, amenities and availability. We keep an update of all the latest market trends and happenings, in order to enable ourselves to answer all your questions and keep you updated over time, as well as add value to your properties through our experience and expertise.

We offer opportunities to interested clients/investors to invest in Real Estate in India. We give all kinds of information, advice and services on the real estate sector in India, with respect to buying, selling, renting, leasing of Land/Property. We also deal with customer queries regarding any aspect of real estate and help them choose suitable land or property according to their need and budget.